5 TikTok accounts every LO should follow

Are you already on TikTok? Your future borrowers could be – the social media app is expected to reach 1.8 billion users by the end of 2022, with many users falling into the Millennial and Gen Z categories. young borrowers are starting to show interest in buying a home, it’s a great idea to use TikTok not only as a way to connect with potential borrowers, but also to educate them about the mortgage.

The following five accounts show how lenders and loan officers can use TikTok to market themselves as well as entertain and educate homebuyers.

1. Scott Betley (@thatmortgageguy)

865.5k subscribers, 11.7 million likes

Scott Betley is a Loan Officer for NFM Lending with over 10 years of experience helping first time home buyers and relocating buyers. He uses trending audios and humor to, in his own words, “expose all the secrets of buying a home. Like the fact that you don’t need perfect credit or a down payment to buy and start building capital for your family.

Betley’s success on TikTok over the past few years has even led to the launch of an Influencer division at NFM.

2. Mandy Phillips (@mortgagemandy)

60k subscribers, 1 million likes

Mandy Phillips is a Branch Manager at Vista Home Loans. She uses her TikTok account to dispel mortgage misconceptions and answer questions via video and comments. One of the ways she does this is through skits where she plays both herself and a borrower. Her borrower persona “Karen”, who is rude and uninformed, often asks for a manager – Phillips happily informs her, as her biography puts it, “I a m manager.” She urges homebuyers to choose a loan officer who is knowledgeable about today’s market and shares advice on what not to do when they’re trying to get pre-approved.

3. Jordan Nutter (@anutterhomeloan)

191.2k subscribers, 3.2 million likes

Jordan Nutter’s biography describes his account as “poor humor with a side of buying a house”. Like other LOs on TikTok, Nutter is funny, but she also takes the time to make longer videos explaining things like jumbo loans, closing costs, and how co-signed student loans can affect potential student approval. a mortgage loan. Many of his TikToks are answers to questions from his comments or re-enactments and sketches of potential situations.

4. Michael Dufour (@yourguidemortgage)

162.9k subscribers, 1.2 million likes

Michael Dufour is a mortgage originator who has been posting on TikTok for over two years. His story is a mix of irreverent humor about buying a home and being a mortgage originator. Dufour posts a lot about the differences between the home-buying experience of baby boomers versus what millennials and Gen Z are going through today, and uses trending audios to capture interest. In a recent post, he even advised other LOs using TikTok on how to properly use CTAs and keywords to earn leads.

5. Rebecca Richardson (@the.mortgage.mentor)

133.2k followers, 991.9k likes

Rebecca Richardson is a loan officer at UMortgage who says she “stays real estate and shares information that most lenders don’t.” She regularly updates her advice for homebuyers on mortgages and financial literacy, such as a video on questions you should ask a lender and real estate agent before working with them. His account is more focused on educating borrowers than humor, but is a great example of how lenders can get exposure and market themselves on TikTok.

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