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The center for IT information and analysis CRN recently released its 2021 (and ninth annual) Big Data 100, a ranking of the main providers of big data technologies that solution providers should be aware of. The list is made up of established and emerging big data tool vendors. The list is broken down into five distinct product categories which include business analytics, database systems, data management and integration software, big data platforms, and data science and data science tools. machine learning.

CRN has pre-published a list of The coolest data management and integration tool companies included in the global list via an interactive slideshow. While the Big Data 100 aims to highlight software vendors for the purpose of partnering with solution providers, Solutions Review is most interesting for highlighting vendors who offer unique products and platforms for them. companies. As such, we’ve read the full CRN rankings, available here, to analyze which trend data management companies we think are most important. For an even deeper analysis of data management software, tools, vendors, and platforms, check out our popular Buyer’s Guide.


Alation provides a platform for a wide range of data intelligence solutions, including data search and discovery, data governance, data management, analytics and digital transformation. The product includes a behavioral analysis engine, built-in collaboration capabilities, and open interfaces. Alation also profiles data and monitors usage to ensure users have an accurate view of data accuracy. The platform also provides insight into how users create and share information from raw data.


Ataccama offers an augmented data management platform that includes data discovery and profiling, metadata management and a data catalog, data quality management, master and master data management, as well as as big data processing and integration. The product is fully integrated yet modular for any type of data, user, domain or deployment. Ataccama also includes text analysis and machine learning, as well as enriching data with external sources and profiling data lakes.


The Collibra platform is made up of five distinct solutions. Titled by an enterprise data catalog called Collibra Catalog, the platform also includes Collibra Governance, Collibra Privacy & Risk, Collibra Lineage and now Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud. Collibra documents the technical metadata of an organization and its use. It describes the structure of a data item, its relationship to other data, as well as its origin, format, and use. The solution serves as a research repository for users who need to understand how and where data is stored and how it can be used.


Octopai is a centralized, cross-platform metadata management automation solution that enables data and analytics teams to discover and manage shared metadata. The product analyzes metadata by automatically gathering it from ETL, databases and reporting tools. The metadata is stored and managed in a central repository, and an intelligent engine using hundreds of crawlers searches all the metadata and quickly presents the results. Octopai is best used for business intelligence, governance, and data cataloging use cases.


Tamr offers a machine learning-based data integration product called Unify. The solution allows organizations to connect to any tabular data and publish it anywhere. Users can map schemas with machine learning suggestions and standardize data formats using Spark and SQL. Tamr’s Master Records feature provides a complete view of all entities through simple yes and no questions. The company was originally coined by Dr Michael Stonebraker and his colleagues who published their research on the Data Tamer System for Managing Large-Scale Data Retention in 2013.


Zaloni Arena operationalizes data throughout the pipeline, from data source to consumer. The product automates repeatable data management tasks and processes and provides centralized management of all enterprise data sources, whether on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid. Zaloni is compatible with all major Hadoop distributions, most data processing engines, and applicable deployment models.

Discover all the leading data management companies in the CRN Big Data 100.

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