8 Songs From Billboard’s #HotTrendingSongs Chart You Need To Check Out

Last year, Twitter and Billboard have come together to form the trending songs graphic. Described as “a real-time ranking of the most talked about songs on Twitter around the world”, the ranking has been a place to check out the big hits, with some tracks we’ve never encountered before.

In an interview with moving train, Carl Chenresponsible for Twitter’s entertainment partnerships in Southeast Asia and Greater China, explained how trending songs charts fan conversations happening in the world of music and highlights trending songs, whether new or not.

“With Billboard, we wanted to diversify how we track music trends. We also wanted to showcase the results of what music fans are doing on the platform and there was no better partner than Billboard to bring it to life for music fans around the world,” Cheng shared.

Since trending songs‘, we’ve seen an array of songs enter the Top 20. There are of course the chart mainstays BTS and the solo work of the members, Lisa of BLACKPINK, NCT, and Taylor Swift; but we have also seen the rise of regional acts like SB19 and Mew Suppasit and even the emergence of newcomers like Kep1er and BE: FIRST.

Here are some songs from Billboard and Twitter trending songs which are definitely worth a visit.

Filipino pop group SB19 made a lot of noise on the chart, being the only act to reach number 1 outside of global superstars BTS. As of the week of January 22, 2022, the two pop groups are currently tied for the most number 1 spots on Trending songs – with ‘Bazinga’ and ‘Butter’ each topped the charts for six weeks.

But beyond all that, SB19 has become famous in its own right. With undeniable talent, hard work and determination, and the support of A’TIN (SB19 fans), the ‘To go up’ The hitmakers have become one of the most notable artists in the Philippines, breaking and creating records with every release since forming in 2018.

Off their latest EP Pagsibol, “Bazinga” comes as a round of applause from SB19 to anyone who has doubted them over the years and a showcase of their ever-increasing energy and power.

Considered one of today’s best singers, Dimash Qudaibergen is well known for his unique and contemporary take on traditional Kazakh music and his impressive vocal range. The singer and multi-instrumentalist rose to fame when he joined the Chinese singing competition Singer in 2017 and has since gained immense popularity around the world.

the ‘To be with me’ hitmaker had a number of his hits on trending songs corn ‘Fly away’ proved to be an undeniable force on the chart, peaking at No. 2. Centered on spiritual and creative freedom, Dimash debuted the emotional ballad in Russia New Wave 2021 Festival.

Kep1er is one of K-pop’s newest girl groups, but that hasn’t stopped them from rocking the world already. The nine songs have been talked about since the release of their first EP, First impact earlier this month; and for good reason. From their seductive sound to their impressive vocals, Kep1er had one of the most captivating K-pop debuts of the past year.

Wanting to leave a lasting first impression, Kep1er made sure their official introduction to the world was nothing short of a stunt. ‘WA DA DA’ is the debut single from the multinational band and is about their aspirations and goals as artists.

Trained through Japanese competition show The first one last november, BE: FIRST is a J-pop group that is gaining traction all over the internet. With a fan base that spans the globe, the seven pieces have been a common sight on trending songs.

Their first single ‘Gifted.’ spent 10 weeks on the chart, peaking at No. 3. The dynamic song charts the band’s desire to share their natural talents or “gifts” with the world; and given their Billboard chart history, they do a great job.

While ‘Prepare yourselves’ didn’t spend so long on the trending songs graphic, GM certainly got its name there. affectionately nicknamed “The Happy Virus” by his fans, the ASTRO The member has achieved quite a feat with his trotting track.

Similar to his previous solo releases, “Get Set Yo” exudes positive energy and showcases the captivating vocals of the ever-cheerful act.

Since their debut last December, ive generated quite a hype. Beyond charting for several weeks in a row, the band’s first track ‘ELEVEN’ garnered nearly 70 million views since its release, an unprecedented feat for most new K-pop groups.

In the world of K-pop, ATEEZ is not a new name. Essentially synonymous with stunning vocals, mesmerizing choreography, and captivating concepts, the boy band is one of the most sought-after bands in Korea.

ATEEZ had a number of tracks on trending songs including ‘Turbulence’ and ‘The truth’, both of which are part of their ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE album. Both tracks showcase the band’s prowess as a vocal and dance unit.

Mew Suppasit slowly but surely climbed the ladder Fashionable songs. His HONEST-produced track ‘ASTRONAUT’ made waves around the world, evoking online buzz. From his melodious vocals against HONNE’s electric soul sound to the track’s cinematic music video, ‘SPACEMAN’ is an experience in its own right.

Most recently, the Thai band’s recent collaboration with Korean singer-songwriter Sam Kim, title “Before 4:30 p.m. (she said…)” also did trending songs Top 5.

Check Trending Songs Chart here.

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