Accurate weather: the warmer than normal cycle continues

The persistent pattern of warm days and balmy nights will continue, but today we are blessed with some showers in the Highlands. Other than this area, the area will again, be on the quiet, dry side of the street.

Highs for the next two days will be much warmer than normal as we close out the last days of summer 2022. The Autumnal Equinox occurs Thursday at 9:04 a.m. when direct sunlight is overhead. equator. The days will be shorter than the nights and the trees will continue to block the production of chlorophyll and let the colors red, yellow and orange appear.

Warmer than normal weather is expected Tuesday and Wednesday as the region continues to be bathed in sunshine and protected from rain by the high dome.

Thursday will see a cold front cross the Commonwealth which will mark a noticeable change in the pattern. There won’t be much humidity to work with but showers are expected, but the numbers will be low in the rain gauges. The most significant result of this frontal passage will be cooler air behind the forehead. Highs will be in the 70s for Friday highs.

The summit brewing for the end of the week will also help keep Major Hurricane Fiona offshore. This is important as the tropical cyclone is expected to be a category four by the time it passes the Carolina coast (well offshore but choppy waves can be expected).

The leaves are changing, not all but some, and we may be looking at a dynamic year. We had a relatively warm spring and about average rainfall and fairly consistent rainfall over the summer limiting any drought conditions. I will go with a dynamic year of the season, and we are due.

The combination of a warm, humid spring, an absence of summer drought, and warm, sunny fall days appear to produce the brightest leaf color. Warm, sunny days and cool, cool nights tend to produce the best reds.

Be careful
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist

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