Bay Area travel blogger Katherine McCaffery leaves hospital months after brutal overseas accident in Bali

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) – An incredible story of survival has entered a new chapter. A Bay Area travel blogger who suffered horrific injuries in Bali after an accident this summer was released from a South Bay hospital Thursday afternoon to begin a new phase of her recovery.

“I am very grateful to all the people here,” said Katherine McCaffery.

His travels around the world and his great personality have captivated his 11,400 Instagram followers.

The Santa Clara County native’s last post on July 30 celebrated her two-month stay in Bali.

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But just a day after that, McCaffery was in a scooter accident, found by unconscious Good Samaritans with fatal injuries.

“I don’t remember the accident,” McCaffery said, “Probably for good reason.”

Kaitlyn’s injuries were so severe she had to return to the United States

She had travel insurance, but her family say they refused to pay for her to return to the United States for the care she needed.

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However, in August, her thousands of followers and others came, raising over $ 250,000 on a GoFundMe page to help her return home and to a world-class rehabilitation facility at Santa Clara Medical Center. Valley.

“When she first came here she barely spoke, she wasn’t walking or doing anything (independent),” said Jennifer McCaffery, Kaitlyn’s sister.

But a team of doctors and therapists gathered around her.

“The first challenge we had was getting Kaitlyn to talk. She had had multiple injuries,” said Dr Stephen McKenna, director of the Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit, “to her face and her throat.”

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“We worked on her speech and her eating everyday,” said Kristine Kaplan, Kaitlyn’s speech and swallowing therapist, “even just remembering her and paying attention to what’s going on around her. “

This job allowed Kaitlyn to speak for herself to cameras and supporters at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center about what happened next.

“I’m excited. At least I see more of my mom and sister,” she said. “So that’s good. And I can do my own thing.”

And to the thousands of people who have helped raise funds to bring her home and benefit from the life-saving care she received, McCaffery said this:

“Thank you very much for supporting me. “

Her family says this is only the start of her recovery journey, she will continue outpatient therapy at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and at home.

In the future, Kaitlyn says she hopes to become a motivational speaker.

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