Blog: A weak front soon. A strong front next week.

Over the past few days there has been major flooding in the Deep South. Some of this is from the remaining moisture from “potential tropical cyclone 4″…which never actually formed in a system. However, this deep humidity drifted across the Gulf Coast states and created many problems for many cities.

Some of the rivers there are still in spate today. The problems will therefore persist. The dryness improved over small parts of the southwest and deep south.

US Drought Watch

Since the last update, we still have “abnormally dry” areas.

US Drought Watch

However, we had isolated showers yesterday which sat in the same spots for a while. A few of them were in the “abnormally dry” area.

Showers and isolated thunderstorms yesterday

We were actually on the edge of this thicker humidity yesterday. You can see it as a stream of white/gray clouds with a sharp northern edge.

Regional weather map

There is a stationary front to our south. There is a cool front to the northwest. It will be partly cloudy today with showers or isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. High temperatures will be in the upper 80s with some 90s inland.

Forecast Weather Today

It will feel like the low 90s with the heat index. It’ll be tough if you’re working outside in the sun, but it’ll be a great day to hit the beach. The weather looks favorable for the ECSC. Waves today will be around 1 to 3 feet. There might be some nice occasional sets.

ECSC forecasts

Waves will be closer to a stable level of 2 feet tomorrow. It will probably be the same on Sunday.

We will be partly cloudy again tomorrow. However, there will be a slightly higher chance of rain and thunderstorms during the afternoon. The cold front will approach from the northwest. The rain will not be widespread, but there could be a few showers.

Future Trak (Saturday afternoon)

High temperatures will rise further to the upper 80s near 90 degrees. Winds will be variable at 5-10 mph. We will only cool a few degrees on Sunday. If we are lucky, the humidity will drop slightly. We will be partly cloudy with a few showers or isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. High temperatures will be in the 80s. We will hit the 90s on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. However, long range patterns suggest we will have a big chill by the end of next week. Stay tuned for updates on this.

We are still keeping an eye out for 2 tropical disturbances in the Caribbean and Eastern Atlantic. Both are generally moving west and are unlikely to form over the next few days.


Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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