Blog: February? Already? (04/02/22) | Greene County Daily World

When should a person remove their Christmas decorations? February is already here! There is a house in the area whose exterior Christmas decorations are still flashing every night. Passing this house – I wonder why?

Real time can be a deciding factor. No one really wants to take down Christmas decorations outside when the wind chill is below zero, but the weather has been mild.

When is it time to take down the Christmas tree from inside your house? A family in Switz City put out their Christmas tree near the sidewalk, for garbage collection, at 7 a.m. on December 26. Yes, we might get tired of it soon after the holidays, but so early the next morning?

With us, we leave the Christmas tree until after the New Year’s celebration. As soon as possible after New Year’s Day, we load the annual decorations and remove the tree. In a few days, all the boxes will be in the attic again.

My friend Myrna leaves a large wreath that she hung over the fireplace until after Valentine’s Day. The crown has red apples and various red berries with a red bow. “What defines it as a Christmas decoration,” she asks? She adds: “The winter months are so dark and dreary that it helps to have some light in the house.

When should a person remove their Christmas decorations? There is no good time to take down the displays that decorated the area during the Christmas season. I guess there are no set rules. All in all, I’d like to see them all drop by at least Memorial Day.

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