Blog: The first week of November brings fresher air


After the high temperatures on Halloween peaked around 70 °, it is expected to remain the hottest day for the next seven to ten. As the first week of November approaches, a cooler and more traditional weather for sweaters is taking hold in the region.

It will remain seasonal cool for about the next day – meaning temperatures will drop to nearly 50 degrees tonight, with 40 expected for inland locations away from waterways. A few clouds come in and out tonight, then set a clear blue sky on Monday. Tomorrow’s highs are expected to hold through the mid-1960s and then continue through Tuesday. However, as of Tuesday, changes are approaching in the region.

The fresh air is strengthened this week.

Clouds intensify until Tuesday afternoon as a cold front passes over Hampton Roads. A few showers will accompany it, probably later in the afternoon and evening, but what will be noticed most is the cooler air behind the forehead.

Highs likely in the 1950s until the end of the week.

Temperatures Tuesday night are expected to drop into the 40s, but our afternoon highs will hold up into the 50s! Cooler air will maintain highs in the 1950s (with lows in the 40s) through the end of the week, with another possible rainstorm by Friday.

In the tropics, we have exhausted the 2021 list of tropical cyclone names. Subtropical storm Wanda developed late Saturday night in the north-central Atlantic Ocean. The system should meander for a few days before moving into the cooler waters to the north.

All tropical cyclone names for 2021 have been checked off the list.

While further tropical development is not likely over the next week, there is still a month of hurricane season left. If another system arises, the National Hurricane Center has removed the use of the Greek alphabet and created an additional list of names instead.

The first week of November brings fresher air.

But we shouldn’t have to worry about the tropics for the next seven to ten days. We’ll be focusing on the cooler November sweaters weather on the way!

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro

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