Buying a Small Business That’s “Not For Sale”: Strategies for Business Buyers Discussed on’s New Blog

Buying a Business That’s Not For Sale – An Essential Strategy for Small Business Buyers - Assistance with buying and selling small businesses in the United States – Assistance with buying and selling small businesses in the United States

In this blog post recently submitted to, ProBuy Program Director Peter Siegel, MBA, discusses a simple strategy often overlooked by commercial buyers.

Commercial buyers often neglect to ask small business owners directly if they want to sell. The answer is usually met with “if the price is right”. This is the start of a negotiation to buy!

—Peter Siegel, MBA

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 7, 2022 / — On this recently submitted blog post on, ProBuy program Director Peter Siegel, MBA discusses a strategy often overlooked by business buyers. This can be a very effective strategy – a topic that is often brought up in consulting sessions with business buyers.

Here are some excerpts from this new BizBen blog post that potential buyers (site users) have found useful:

“Finding out about a business he is interested in is another way for the buyer to demonstrate that he is professional. That is what Steve has done by obtaining and studying the documentation from the franchisor. time, because the potential seller does not need to browse The smart candidate-buyer can discover a lot of information that will help them prepare, by contacting local business groups (Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce) , representative associations of the industry in which the business in question is involved, and by conducting a keyword search on the Internet.And, of course, if the targeted business is a franchise, the interested buyer can find , with the franchisor, much of what he needs to know for the first discussions.

“The savvy buyer is also prepared by knowing the importance of exploring this idea with potential sellers in a private manner, respecting an owner’s usual need for confidentiality. Even if a business owner is interested in speak with people who might want to buy the business, anyone approaching that owner in a way that might expose the topic of the conversation to others, is likely to get a negative response. Very few potential sellers want the Customers, Employees, or Suppliers Learn They’re Considering Exiting If strangers hear someone ask a business owner, “Do you want to sell?”, they’ll most likely hear the answer, “No.” Even if it’s not.”

“It is also estimated that for every business for sale on the market, there are 30 more that could be for sale if the right buyer comes along. All potential buyers should register with and let owners and middlemen what their search queries are just in case a business owner decides their time is up and they want to move forward with selling their small business.”

For the full blog post, visit: Buying a small business that is “not for sale”

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