Cebu Pacific issues relief cargo and air travel recalls this peak holiday season

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Cebu Pacific (CEB) is now focusing on relief transport to provinces devastated by Super Typhoon Odette (Rai), as it works to stabilize operations in the aftermath of the cyclone.

The CEB began transporting relief supplies on the night of December 18 to Cebu and organized humanitarian flights to bring home people stranded from provinces heavily affected by the typhoon that hit the regions of Visayas-Mindanao last week.

Cebu Pacific issues relief cargo and air travel recalls this peak holiday season

“We have received many requests for relief efforts in the areas affected by Odette. We do our best to respond to all requests for assistance to provinces and communities in need of supplies, ”said Michael Ivan Shau, Director of Corporate Affairs, Cebu Pacific.

To educate the public on the type of relief items that can be safely transported by air and how to properly pack them, here are some guidelines.

The following items ARE NOT PERMITTED for security and logistical reasons:

  1. Generator set – Its contents are considered dangerous goods. Even if the generator set is empty, CEB is unable to accept it due to safety provisions and concerns about possible traces of oil and gas. If there is no trace of smoke, the item can be accepted as general cargo.
  2. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) – unauthorized
  3. Food banks – not allowed for check-in and freight
  4. Live animals, seafood, fruits and vegetables – The CEB does not encourage shipments during this period due to logistical constraints to and from the destination.

The following items are AUTHORIZED, under the conditions indicated below:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropyl or Ethyl) – Flammable liquid, so the airline cannot accept them if they are not from Cebu Pacific certified shippers or forwarders.
  2. Solar panel – May contain hidden dangerous goods (radionucleotides or chemicals). These cannot be accepted if they are not from Cebu Pacific Certified Shippers or Freight Forwarders
  3. Drinking water – 6L or 5 gallon or 1 gallon cans should be in boxes so that personnel can stack them properly and safely in the cargo area. Bottled water should also be packaged in boxes.
  4. Rice – bags of rice must be in boxes or packed in a jack before delivery to the freight warehouse
  5. Clothing – clothing should be packed in boxes
  6. General grocery items – must be boxed
  7. Frozen Meat – Pork and frozen pork products are banned by Cebu Province. Frozen beef, chicken and beef products are allowed but subject to BOQ requirements.
  8. Medication / Vitamin Supplements – Over-the-counter medications, prescription medications and vitamins carried by passengers are permitted. If it is for freight, please coordinate with Cargo Sales for documentation requirements.

For other concerns regarding the shipment of relief items and other freight goods, you may contact [email protected]

As air travel continues to accelerate this week, Cebu Pacific (CEB) and Cebgo are appealing for the understanding and patience of passengers as safety remains our priority. Here are the reminders:

  1. Do not go to the airport without a confirmed reservation – As the situation remains fluid, passengers are advised to only go to the airport if your flight is confirmed.
  2. Allow sufficient time for security inspection, check-in, baggage drop-off and other requirements before departure
    Passengers with flights during this peak period are encouraged to be at the airport at least three (3) hours prior to departure for domestic flights and four (4) hours for international flights.
  3. Make sure travel requirements are met before going to the airport
    Always check if your destination requires certain documents before entry. Visit the CEB website for the most recent information.
  4. Online check-in – either on the mobile app or on the CEB website
    Online check-in is available from seven (7) days up to one (1) hour before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights, while international travelers can check-in up to four (4) hours before their scheduled departure.
    Passengers traveling from certain domestic destinations (Manila, Davao, General Santos, Bohol, Iloilo and Zamboanga) are encouraged to self-tag their checked baggage before proceeding to baggage drop counters.
  5. Take only one item to take on board
    Hand transport should not exceed 7 kg and measure up to 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. This dimension includes most wheeled cabin bags and backpacks that fit in the overhead compartments.
    Adult passengers traveling with infants may bring ONE additional bag containing food and baby necessities, in addition to their authorized carry-on baggage.
    Assistance or medical articles such as canes, foldable walkers; as well as items purchased inside the airport (airside) ARE IN ADDITION to the hand baggage allowance for each passenger.
    If necessary, easily purchase additional baggage allowance through the CEB’s “Manage Reservation” portal.
  6. Wear face masks at all times
    Guests without a mask may be refused entry. Face shields are optional.
  7. Enter your own contact details when booking
    Passengers are advised to update their contact details on their reservations to ensure pre-flight reminders, flight changes, etc. are received in a timely manner.

All check-in counters close one (1) hour before the scheduled flight time to ensure there is sufficient time for all necessary pre-flight procedures. Boarding begins 45 minutes before scheduled departure.

Fly Safe and Travel Responsibly with CEB for #MoreSmilesAhead.

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