Featured 10 Play in March

As we settle into 2022, even more goodies are landing across 10 games this month with hours (and we mean HOURS) of entertainment.

More episodes of an Aussie classic Prisoner, to hundreds of episodes of some of your all-time favorites like Judge Judy, Dr Phil, MasterChef Australia and more.

Here’s what to watch for in March out of 10 games.


Drama, every episode ever

With the first five seasons currently available of the Australian epic classic Prisonerin mid-March, you’ll have access to all the episodes of the phenomenon that gave birth to the award-winning film Wentworth.

Set in the women’s maximum security wing of Wentworth Prison, the series follows the lives of female inmates and H Block staff as they navigate tense internal politics, grappling with the consequences of their crimes. and fight to become the best dog.

With over 690 episodes, the series has lasted eight seasons and soon every episode will be available to watch on demand.

MasterChef Australia

Reality, every episode ever

In the coming season MasterChef Australia: Gourmets and Favoritessome of the best chefs who have passed through these famous doors will be back.

If you want to rewatch the original seasons of Julie Goodwin, Michael Weldon, Sarah Todd, and Alvin Quah, 10 Pieces has every episode of MasterChef Australia ready for a frenzy. Discover all the culinary challenges, trials, tribulations and triumphs of the show that reinvented TV cooking competitions.

Judge Judy

Reality, Hundreds of episodes

Stepping into his courtroom is no laughing matter, the cases are real and his decision is final. Judge Judy Sheindlin has presided over more than 6,000 episodes of her show where she heard real-life small claims cases.

With over 200 episodes available to watch on demand, you can see why Judge Judy was not only the greatest television judge of all time, but how she entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-serving television judge.

Dr Phil

Reality, 100+ episodes

After tackling nearly every issue under the sun, Dr. Phil’s groundbreaking series has dealt with everything from weight loss to unhappy marriages, celebrity divorces to financial troubles, even spawning one of the infamous “Cash me outside, how about date”.

With 100 episodes from the 2020-2021 season available to watch on demand, you can see what made Dr. Phil the household name he is today.

Ambulance Australia

Reality, every episode ever

Now in its fourth season, Ambulance Australia followed the ambulance services of New South Wales and Queensland, showcasing the control centers and paramedics on the road who respond to over a million calls each year.

Meet the real people who answer 000 calls, or the paramedics who visit the ER every day across Australia, as they share what it’s like to be the humans on the other side of some of our worst days.

The Dog House Australia

Reality, every episode ever

What’s better than a TV show about adorable dogs? How about heartwarming stories of rescue dogs finding their forever home? Prepare to laugh, cry and maybe cry some more in this beautiful series that is truly the greatest love story on television.

Every week people arrive at Animal Welfare League NSW looking for their perfect match, as they go through a selection process that matches them with a beautiful rescue pup.

Showing the inspiring stories behind people looking for a puppy, as well as demystifying what ba rescue means, The dog’s house is the show that won’t just tug at your heartstrings, it will have you screaming with joy.

TV preview

Every episode ever

If you’re looking for new shows to chew on, check out Insight TV’s lineup, which offers factual entertainment that aims to take its audience on a journey to “explore and interact with stories”.

With every episode you can now watch Carz Cemetery, Around the world in 80 laps, The secrets of the brain, Science of thrills, The demolition man and more on request.

Catch all this and more on 10 games on demand!

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