Happy New Year: Google welcomes 2022 with an animated doodle

As people around the world welcome the New Year, Google has also joined in the celebration with its latest doodle – a giant candy that appears to greet 2022.

As an extension of their New Years Eve doodle, the giant purple popper on which 2021 is inscribed, finally erupted at the stroke of midnight, marking a new beginning.

“And just like that, 2022 is here — Happy New Years!” the tech giant wrote on its blog revealing the first doodle of the year, which has global reach.

The animated doodle, where “G” dons a party hat in keeping with the festive spirit, the candy appears to reveal hot pink 2022 balloons floating high. And as soon as it’s clicked, the party begins, as it redirects the user to a different page, where they are greeted with celebratory confetti on the search page.

Paired with a party horn and more confetti poppers, if one wants to continue the celebration, the page shows the results of many New Year’s greetings and GIFs alongside events and items related to the special day. .

From history to meaning, the page has tons of information, provided the user wants to scroll down and explore further to find out why January 1 is celebrated as the New Year.

The tech giant, which has a tradition of marking festive occasions with doodles on its homepage, has gone for a simple design this year to welcome the New Year, however, remembering its old cartoons with just confetti. and party hats.

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