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0945: This is the 7th Zanu Pf National People’s Conference being held at the Harare International Conference Center (HICC) in Harare.

0951: Vice President Chiwenga arrived for the official opening of the 7th National People’s Congress

Vice President Chiwenga arrives

0955: President Mnangagwa and First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa arrived for the official opening of the 7th National People’s Congress at HICC

President Mnangagwa and First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa arrive

President Mnangagwa and First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa arrive

1015: President Mnangagwa, First Lady, Dr. Auxillia Mnangagwa, Vice President, Dr. Chiwenga and Cde Mohadi are now visiting the exhibition stands.

President Mnangagwa, First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa, Vice Presidents Dr Chiwenga and Cde Mohadi visited the exhibition stands

President Mnangagwa, First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa, Vice Presidents Dr Chiwenga and Cde Mohadi visited the exhibition stands

1043: The Zanu PF President’s First Secretary, Mnangagwa, has finished touring the exhibition stands and has now entered the Congress venue.

President Mnangagwa enters the Congress venue

1045: Singing of the national anthem.

1047: Reverend Utaunashe has now taken to the podium to deliver a sermon. He says: “‘As a church we can confidently say that since the beginning of the new dispensation we have felt included in leading this country forward’

1110: Cde Mike Bimha took the podium to give a word of welcome. He says: “We are grateful for the philanthropic work the First Lady is doing.”

1120: Harare Provincial and Decentralization Secretary Hon. Tafadzwa Muguti is now on the podium to deliver a welcome speech. He says: “Your efforts to make Harare a smart city by installing streetlights are not going unnoticed.”

1135: Zanu PF Secretary for Administration Cde Obert Mpofu said the 7th National People’s Conference was duly convened.

Cde Mpofu addressing the 7th National People’s Congress

1149: Cde Mpofu invites the President of Zanu PF, Cde Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri, to the podium.

Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri prepares to make his remarks

1150: “The theme matches our 2030 vision of leaving no one and no place behind,” says the Zanu PF President.

1200: VP Chiwenga is now on the podium. He says, “I would like to believe that leaders are ordained by God at birth. I am convinced that ED stands for Emmerson Delivers.

Vice President Chiwenga addressing Congress

1202: “Zanu PF and Zimbabweans are proud to have such a selfless leader who enhances their socio-economic development,” Vice President Chiwenga said.

1215: “Party structures across its leagues have endorsed President Mnangagwa as the sole candidate of the ruling Zanu PF party in the forthcoming harmonized elections in 2023,” Vice President Chiwenga said.

1235: President Mnangagwa took the podium to officially open the 7th National People’s Congress.

President Mnangagwa takes the podium

1237: “Zanu PF is a party whose goal is to lead the nation towards Vision 2030. Today, we remain focused on the quality of life of our people. Zanu PF has always been for the people and will remain for the people. Our values ​​will always continue to guide our people. We have minerals on our lands and we will ensure that they benefit the lives of our people. said the president.

1240: “Unfortunately, in the meantime, we have lost many comrades who served our country before and after independence. Their respective contributions will forever be etched in our memories.

1241: Moment of silence in honor of fallen heroes and heroines.

1243: “Comrade, I would like to thank Harare Province for successfully organizing the Leagues Conferences (Youth, Women War Veterans). May the spirit of unity continue to saturate our colossal mass party Zanu PF. “among you have come from different provinces to represent our structures. I also welcome our delegates from sister parties around the world, the bond has been forged and will continue to be there,” said the President.

12:46 “Zanu PF consolidates all efforts to unite the people of Zimbabwe, Zanu PF is a party of equal rights. We are a unitary state. The party continues to promote national unity. We are marching towards the successes of building our country district by district, province by province,” President Mnangagwa said.

1247: “Nyika inovakwa igotongwa nevene vayo. Ndisu come vayo. Ndisu tinoitonga inyika yedu. As the people of Zimbabwe, we have a sacred responsibility to build our country.

1250: “Amendments to the party constitution reflect new socio-economic changes. I congratulate national and provincial voters for their efforts in the elections since our last convention. The enthusiasm displayed demonstrates that Zanu PF is alive and that it is the only true defender of democracy. We will never invite our former colonizers back to govern us as we hear other political parties inviting them. Zimbabwe is in safe hands under Zanu PF,” the president said.

1255: “Since the period since the 6th Congress has seen economic growth, guided by party policies, our government has made bold decisions and instituted policies that have stabilized our economy. At the party level, we are accelerating the dynamics of modernization and industrialization.

1258: “The bold decision to create the veterans league completes the party’s agenda. It is the part of your sacrifices during the liberation struggle. Let us defend the party, our independence and our freedom. It is encouraging to see that the Chitepo school of ideology is now fully functional. As a liberation party, we produce ideas that shape society,” the president said.

1305: “We recognize and applaud the growth of the party through the introduction of affiliations such as Pastors4ED, Teachers4ED and Vapostori4ED. The growth of the party in the diaspora is also noted. Tose tinokwana muhomwe ye zanu pf huyai.

1308: “Our party has created a stable macroeconomic environment despite the setbacks of illegal economic sanctions and Cyclone Idai, we are achieving large-scale production,” President Mnangagwa said.

1310: “Policies, programs and projects are lifting many people out of poverty. The Agric 8.0 model saw most households having sufficient food. The targeted approach has enabled us to achieve national food sufficiency in wheat production. We have enough wheat for 13 months.

1313: “Under Zanu PF, we will achieve national food security as the latest congress systems in the agricultural sector have been improved. The ongoing construction of dams is increasing productivity in all provinces. The GMB has been redesigned for greater efficiency and producer prices are now in line with market trends. I congratulate all of our farmers on the successes they have achieved to date,” said the President.

1315: “We have set out to achieve a 12 billion mining industry and the set target will be reached early next year. Chromium, lithium, gold diamonds, oil and gas are surging forward in our county We have launched the Mapinga energy hub worth $13 billion and will create over 25,000 jobs in just under 6 months We have introduced commodity reserves in gold, diamonds and platinum Import strategies are paying off and a new generation of industrialists are committed to building our country, Zimbabwe.

1316: “Slowly but surely we are gaining confidence in our own systems, our paradigms are shifting towards economic development. We are an unstoppable nation. The tourism sector has grown exponentially, the number of airlines serving Zimbabwe has grown from 3 we had to over a dozen. We have moved our country to a favorable tourist destination. Rehabilitation and construction are imminent with the construction of the Beitbridge border post. »

1317: “We started to build rural industries in the provinces. Hwange 7 will be commissioned next month, which will give us 300 megawatts. Gwai-Shangani is almost completed under the Second Republic. Irrigation development will see our provinces go through the effects of climate change. said President Mnangagwa.

1318: “ICTs have been expanded and the media space has opened up, allowing viewers to choose. Our children will not walk more than 5 km to get to school. Our universities have innovation hubs and create new products to improve our economy. Education 5.0 translates into innovation. The effects have a positive impact on the nation. Zimbabwe has also launched its own satellite into space.

1319: “Zanu PF policies propel young people forward, as evidenced by the inclusion of young people in parliament. A 30% quota for women will strengthen the inclusion of women in positions of power. Our national cultural heritage, pride and identity are important to our prosperity. The iconic statue of Mbuya Nehanda was erected in Harare and that of Cde Nkomo in Bulawayo as a reminder that we have our founding fathers.

1321: “I now officially declare this 7th National People’s Congress open.”

1322: President Mnangagwa left the podium

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