MBA Admissions HBS Application Tips – MBA

What are we looking for in your application? The Application Tips video series breaks down each section of the application and provides thoughts and advice from Chad Losee, Managing Director, MBA Admissions & Financial Aid and Sarah Lucas, Assessment Manager, MBA Admissions. We encourage you to view the short videos below in the order that benefits you as you go. work on your HBS application.


“Keep a simple, easy-to-read format with clearly labeled dates and locations.”

Test results

“We are completely agnostic about the GMAT or GRE. Please take the test that best suits you.


“It’s good to share drafts of your application or essay with your recommenders, and even discuss with them areas where you think their perspective might complement your story.”


“The most useful essays build on the rest of the written application or share new information.”

Activities, awards and recognition

“Many strong apps have common extracurricular activities, but they pursue them with unusual purpose or persistence.”


“This section shouldn’t be a repeat of your resume, but go beyond your resume, providing deeper details, broader context, and thoughtful reflections on your work experience.”

Post-MBA goals

“What we’re looking for here is an understanding of where you think you want to go after HBS, in the short term and possibly longer term.”

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