Mike Vrabel is trending on social media

The Tennessee Titans have given fans an interesting start to their 2022 season.

While things weren’t going well initially, head coach Mike Vrabel made improvements to his team.

However, there is something else with the Titans head coach that drives him on social media.

So what’s going on that puts Vrabel in the online spotlight?

Vrabel has a heartfelt moment with OL Ben Jones

After the game between the Colts and the Titans ended, Vrabel had a heartfelt moment with Ben Jones.

The video is trending online, with people praising the Titans head coach.

However, there is a reason behind the moment of tears between the player and the coach.

With the Titans leading, they needed a first down to keep running out of time.

Jones was injured during the match, but was only out for one game.

He wanted to be on the pitch, the place where he could help his team the most.

That’s exactly what Jones did, as his assist gave the Titans a first down.

On a run play by Derrick Henry, he was stopped before the first down.

However, Jones was not letting the game end like this.

He picked up Henry and helped him past the first scorer, helping seal the Titans’ victory.

While he could have been absent, his desire to win the match gave him the strength to play despite the injury.

Vrabel saw it in his lineman, which is why he had such a memorable moment that everyone is talking about.

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