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INGLEWOOD, Calif .– It was right there for the Seattle Seahawks, a shot from deep down the sideline with arguably the NFL’s best deep-ball pitcher and one of the tallest and fastest targets in the world. the league.

But like a lot of things in this disappointing and now nearly over season for the Seahawks, it didn’t work out.

When Russell Wilson knocked out an open DK Metcalf in a third game midway through the fourth quarter of their 20-10 loss Tuesday at SoFi Stadium – costing the Seahawks what could have been the tying touchdown or at least a big win deep inside Los Angeles Rams territory – ended their best chance at beating their division rival and keeping their ultra-slim playoff hopes alive.

“I was trying to get rid of it,” Wilson said. “They got off the ball pretty well over there and I tried to pull it out of my hand. It was kind of doing a double swing, so I tried to pull it out of my hand before I got hit, j just tried to put some air under it, let it go get it. Sometimes those double moves are … tricky because you never know when they’re going to come out of it. I wish I could get this one back. There. It was the one I wished we could have recovered. “

They had another chance after that. So now Seahawks fans can debate which was worse: Officials didn’t call for pass interference on a fourth pitch to DeeJay Dallas – who had linebacker Ernest Jones on him – or the NFL moving. that Sunday-Tuesday game due to the league-wide spike in COVID-19 cases that hit the Rams’ locker room particularly hard.

“It happened quickly and it didn’t look very good on the little replay someone showed me, but I don’t know,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said of the fourth down. “I’m not complaining about that call. We had to win the game in every other way possible.”

The game has been postponed – to the advantage of Los Angeles far more than Seattle – and now the Seahawks’ playoff chances are all but wiped out. According to ESPN Stats & Information, it has fallen to around 0.1%, a chance only Lloyd Christmas could appreciate.

With three games to go, the Seahawks are assured of their first losing season since 2011, the year before Wilson’s draft. And they’re almost guaranteed to miss the playoffs for just the second time in Wilson’s career.

“We play for each other,” Carroll said. “We are playing for the cause of loving this game and living the guys in the locker room who are with us… You saw how hard we played tonight. There are only guys who fight for each other, so that’s what we “I would, wherever we play, who we play, whenever it happens. It doesn’t matter if it’s Tuesday night or Sunday or whatever. “

The Seahawks played without main receiver Tyler Lockett and two other starters from right tackle Brandon Shell and cornerback DJ Reed, who were among the 10 players they placed on the COVID-19 roster this week.

“I’m sick that we didn’t have the chance to play with Tyler in this game because it’s the kind of game he would have been a factor in for sure,” said Carroll.

Pivotal play. Bless Austin was flagged for defensive detention in the Rams’ fourth quarter touchdown. The penalty gave them an automatic first down and canceled what would have been a third stop deep in LA territory. The Rams took a 17-10 lead six games later with TD’s second assist from Matthew Stafford to Cooper Kupp. Austin, a former New York Jets starter, was flagged for pass interference earlier in the game. He thought the Seahawks would be sorely missed by Reed against the Rams duo of Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr., and they certainly did.

QB failure. In addition to the failure in the fourth quarter, Wilson knocked down Metcalf on a pair of plays in the third quarter. It wasn’t the head-scratching puffs on easier shots that marred Wilson’s first three games with his finger injury, but it was far from the typical Wilson. Throwing the ball deep is perhaps what he does best as a quarterback. Wilson went 1 in 11 (9.1%) on passes from more than 10 overhead yards on Tuesday. This is the worst percentage of completion of his career on these shots. Wilson finished 17 of 31 for 156 yards and a late desperation pick.

Claim for postponement? The move to Tuesday helped the Rams but didn’t hurt the Seahawks as much as you might think, at least not in this game. Of the 10 players they put on the COVID-19 roster this week, all but one tested positive on or before Sunday morning, meaning they would have been out if the game had taken place this afternoon like originally planned. Defensive tackle Bryan Mone tested positive on Monday, but he already looked doubtful due to injury. Some of the key players the Rams have picked up from the COVID roster – including wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and running back Darrell Henderson Jr. – were reportedly available on Sunday. It is not clear whether star cornerback Jalen Ramsey would have been available. Linebacker Von Miller, who had one of Wilson’s three sacks from the Rams, certainly wouldn’t have been available on Sunday, as he wasn’t activated until Tuesday.

“I don’t think it really puts us at a disadvantage,” Carroll said. “I think the delay helped them. It helped them. They managed to get some guys back who wouldn’t have played on Sunday, I think.

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