“My career never recovered” – how a dismal season leaves scars – The Athletic

“No one will ever give up. But at the end of the day, I have to be honest, the only thing I was trying to do was win, ”said Paul Jewell.

“Sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?” But that’s where we were: “Let’s not be the worst team in history”. It sticks to me. And, to this day, it hurts me. My career never really recovered. After five years of tremendous success in Wigan, everything is forgotten.

Jewell could be forgiven for ending the phone call quite quickly once he gets to the point. Indeed, another manager who has had a similar experience in the Premier League – losing pretty much every week – politely, and understandably under the circumstances, declined a request to revisit this dismal campaign. “I’d rather never call him back, if you don’t mind,” he said apologetically. “I hate this season.”

To her credit, Jewell is happy to speak at length, even though the subject conjures up so many bad memories. He says all he has never forgotten the phone call he received shortly before signing his contract in Derby County, let alone all the losses. “As I was on my way to Derby, David Moyes called me. He said, ‘Are you going to Derby?’. I said, “I think so”. He said, ‘Well, no. We didn’t play them for long, we beat them 2-0, they won’t win a game all season ”. I just laughed about it, really.

Jewell sighs as he thinks back to the map marker he ignored and the results that followed. “I played 24 Premier League games with Derby and never managed to win one. Believe me, it hurts, ”he says. “There’s a tiny bit of me that would like someone to get under 11 points, just so I didn’t have this thing around my neck.

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