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NEW DELHI: Instructions for the entire operation to kill Jitender Gogi, who was shot in a crowded Rohini courtroom, were given over the phone by the slain gangster’s rival, Tillu Tajpuriya, housed in the prison of Mandoli here, Delhi police sources said on Monday.

Sources said Tillu was in contact with his associates via internet calls and giving them instructions on how to carry out the plan.

However, sources from the Delhi Prison Department said, “We are looking into the matter and assessing how cell phones were used inside the prison.”

On Friday, two assailants Rahul Tyagi and Jagdeep, dressed as lawyers, entered a crowded Rohini courtroom and gunned down gangster Gogi.

However, they were later killed in retaliatory police fire.

Delhi Police Special Cell arrested two men – Umang Yadav and Vinay in connection with the incident.

The special cell handed over Vinay and Yadav to the Crime Directorate.

“Vinay and Yadav have both been turned over to the Crime Branch.

They are still in custody and we are questioning them, ”said Devesh Srivastava, special commissioner of the police (crime branch).

“We have Vinay in custody until Tuesday and Tyagi for another three days,” the officer said.

According to police, Gogi’s autopsy was performed at Maulana Azad Medical College on Sunday.

Rahul’s autopsy was performed on Monday and the autopsy on Jagdeep’s body will be performed at the same hospital on Tuesday.

Rahul and Jagdeep aka Jagga were from rival gangs of Gogi.

The accused arrived in court by car at 10 a.m. on Friday and the original plan was for four men, dressed as lawyers, to enter the courtroom, kill Gogi and then go to a judge, sources said.

However, as one of them was wearing black jeans, Yadav and the person wearing the black jeans did not enter the court, sources said, adding that Rahul and Jagdeep had implemented the plan.

Efforts are underway to apprehend the person wearing the black jeans and his identity has not yet been revealed, police said earlier.

Yadav and Vinay were arrested at an apartment in the Haiderpur area, northwest of Delhi, police said.

Tillu, Sunil Rathee and Naveen Bali, all heads of various criminal gangs, are behind the incident, the sources said earlier, adding that they were all in prison.

The person wearing the black jeans was sent by Bali.

Rahul was an associate of Rathee and Jagdeep an associate of Tillu, they said.

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