PayPal PE, Gas Prices, Ruble Crash – What’s Trending on YCharts?

Oyou What’s trending on YCharts? series uses data to identify which stocks, funds, and economic indicator pages on YCharts are generating the most traffic (from YCharts users and Google searchers).

In February 2022, YCharts pageview data revealed the trending names and topics that are catching investors’ attention. Current trends on YCharts are PayPal (PYPL) and its falling P/E ratio, natural gas prices in the European Union and a sharp swing in the US dollar exchange rate against the Russian ruble which made the latter almost worthless, in dollar terms.

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While PayPal rebounded in the summer from the virus crash, its P/E ratio also hit an all-time high in mid-2020. Once earnings gained some momentum in 2021, PayPal’s price-to-earnings ratio returned to pre-pandemic levels as its price rose. But now, in 2022, PayPal’s P/E ratio has fallen to an all-time low, mostly due to a sell-off, and is even lower than when PayPal debuted in the public markets in 2015.


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P/E ratio of meta-platforms (FB)

Meta platforms (FB)

PE Tesla Report (TSLA)

Apple (AAPL)

PayPal PE Ratio

Amazon (AMZN)

PayPal (PYPL)

Apple Price to Earnings Ratio (AAPL)

Alphabet (GOOG)


Most Popular Business Pages

These economic data pages had the most unique page views in February 2022.


While the United States produces around 98% of its natural gas needs domestically, European Union countries are much more dependent on imports. With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine potentially eliminating much of the supply from the global equation, Europeans are paying unprecedented prices for residential and commercial gas needs.


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10-year Treasury rate

10 to 2 year Treasury yield spread

30 year mortgage rate

US retail gas prices

CBOE Equity Put/Call Ratio

Inflation rate in the United States

5-year Treasury rate

Import price of natural gas in the European Union

3-month Treasury bill rate

1 year treasury bill

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The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Russian ruble has already moved against Russia’s favor during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the further depreciation of the ruble in March 2022 is of a completely different nature. At one time, a ruble was worth only nine-tenths of a US cent; that is, you would need 105 rubles to buy a single US dollar. The move comes in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions that world governments have imposed on Russia and its currency in response.


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Exchange rate United States dollar Russian ruble

Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates

Retail gas prices in San Francisco

World crude oil production

US diesel retail prices

Brent Crude Oil Spot Price

WTI Crude Oil Spot Price

Palm oil prices in Malaysia

Number of US oil rigs

Denmark Full coronavirus vaccination rate

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