Precise weather: gray and gloomy weather again, concerns about flooding at the end of the week


There is very little change in the overall weather pattern for the next few days. The reasons are a little different, but the result is the same… intermittent, sometimes heavy rain and localized flooding.

The feature that generated the most interest in the Mississippi Valley elevation depression. It cut off from the jet stream and draws moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and directs it to the Commonwealth.

Most of the heavy rains are in our south and west, but we are seeing periods of isolated rain and thunderstorms that cause minor flooding. This low will slowly move north and west over the next few days, so in the short term expect little to change in terms of the weather here in Virginia.

The next feature to be discussed is the area of ​​high pressure over New England. This pushes cooler Atlantic air and humidity into the area. The cool air wedge is not very thick but it will be enough to provide the area with clouds, haze and rain as it interacts with the warmer southern air. Result, cloudy and foggy weather.

The other feature to watch out for is an area of ​​low pressure developing off the coast of the Carolinas. This is being monitored by the National Hurricane Center for possible tropical cyclone development, but the chances are low that it will happen. Either way, tropical cyclone or not, there will be rain from this deep depression in the region by the end of Friday to Saturday.

This is not a good pattern because the soils will be very well saturated by the end of the week and periods of heavy rains will cause runoff quite quickly. Flooding is a concern for the weekend and early weekend.

We have a chance to dry out a bit on Sunday and Monday.

Be careful,

Chief Meteorologist
John Carroll

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