Precise weather: September starts dry and hot

Little change from Wednesday as the region will be under the influence of the high. Temperatures will still be warm, but humidity levels are still low, so comfort levels are tolerable. Going into the latter part of the weekend we will be cooler than normal, mainly due to showers and storms on the schedule.

Friday will be more or less the same but some clouds will be introduced to the area. The humidity will increase as the weekend rolls around and we head into the holidays. Expect clouds to be more widespread on Saturday and there is a chance for some showers on Sunday and Monday.

Showers can arrive over the mountains on Saturday, but most of the more widespread rain is not expected until Sunday and Monday.

There will be storms over the weekend, not a total washout, but not a very dry pattern either.

The short work week begins with rain, but on Wednesday we begin to notice the return of a hot, dry pattern. This next batch of dry air should linger for a few days.

Note: As we close out August, we are also closing out the weather summer. Here are the statistics for August at the Roanoke Regional Airport.

Meteorological autumn begins on September 1st and runs until November 30e. Meteorological seasons differ from astronomical seasons because they are based on timing in relation to the location and relationship of the Earth to the Sun. Weather seasons are best for record keeping because the period is consistent and gives better statistical analysis of a season for this reason.

The Topical Atlantic is getting interesting again. Tropical Storm Danielle has formed in the North Atlantic. This cyclone could become a hurricane shortly.

Plus, we’re keeping tabs on what Earl might become by the weekend.

Be careful
John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist

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