Precise weather: the rain can be abundant during the night in the pockets, the fog starts until Saturday


The perpetual moisture flow noted in our west for most of the week will shift over the Commonwealth this evening. The area that has been saturated in recent days, the NRV, is expected to see about another inch of rain.

This can lead to localized flooding, but something widespread doesn’t seem likely as there are now watches issued for the area. There will be a few pockets of heavy rain which should drain quickly, so keep an eye out for rising streams and streams in your yard.

Saturday promises to be a bit interesting because the rain will be stronger in the morning and should fall in Piedmont. This area did not receive much rain this week, so the ground may be able to withstand the excessive precipitation. Still, you need to watch out for the small streams and streams in your neighborhood. In addition, the leaves are now falling and they can clog some storm sewers which can lead to minor flooding in the streets.

The National Hurricane Center is keeping an eye out for the next possible tropical cyclone, and it’s located off the coast of the Carolinas and could acquire subtropical features by the end of Saturday or early Sunday.

If this becomes a named storm it would be Wanda and our 21 named storms this season in the Atlantic Basin and the last name on the list. After that, we head to the additional list of names starting with Adria.

Be careful,

John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist

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