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Although no one knows precisely when the era of quantum computing will arrive, it is clear that this moment is fast approaching.

The first wave of NISQ (Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum) computers with various qubit technologies is already on the verge of being released. Prototype applications in financial services, materials science, logistics and drug discovery are in various stages of development. The necessary software ecosystem has multiplied with commercial, government and academic players producing tools, working on standards and developing new algorithms. Vital quantum memory and networking technologies are also advancing in parallel, and the DOE has even Published a blueprint for a quantum internet.

Achieving these goals takes resources, and the wider quantum computing community swells from big, familiar names like IBM, Microsoft, and Google, to lesser-known pioneers like Rigetti, IonQ, and D-Wave, and literally hundreds of start-ups. -UPS. No doubt some of these will bring transformative technology into the race for practical quantum computing and become the big names of tomorrow.

Enter QCwire As quantum computing could very well be the next frontier of HPC, HPCwire has published over 90 articles and news on Quantum in the first quarter of 2022 alone!

HPCwire’s monthly Quantum Computing Newsletter will cover the wide range of activities, companies and individuals seeking to make quantum computing a practical reality. We’ll look at the many qubit hardware platforms and technologies vying for dominance. We will look at “quantum” companies and their research and marketing strategies. We will examine collaborative efforts such as the diverse efforts of the Quantum Economic Development Council. We’ll look at the US National Quantum Initiative and how it plays out in practice. We’ll look at the DOE’s big bet on quantum computing, including the testbeds to evaluate everything from quantum computing hardware and control circuits to developing single-photon sources and protocols for building an Internet. quantum.

Broadly, we’ll cover all things quantum computing with a focus on enabling technology, practical use cases and applications, and the quantum community itself.

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