Savory pastries are gaining popularity | Pastry magazine

Savory pastries continue to grow in popularity, especially for breakfast and lunch crowds. Shoppers appreciate the ability to order a take-out meal that is both delicious and convenient.

Retail bakeries can take advantage of this emerging trend by offering more savory bakery options. To help you with baking tips from the experts, we reached out to Dan Moats, Certified Baking Master at Stratas Foods, for some technical advice.

When it comes to emerging flavor trends in savory baked goods, Moats points out that consumers continue to push the boundaries of what they want.

“Fusion is always a hot topic, along with truffle, aioli, bourbon and ghost pepper,” he says. “The combination of these mixed with cheese, citrus fruits or nuts also seems to be in fashion.”

First, when preparing baked goods for savory rather than sweet fillings, it’s important to recognize a few basic elements for a successful formula.

“Shortening and margarine are the workhorses of any baker’s kitchen. They work in bakery creations like puff pastry, croissant, pie dough, and even donut dough,” says Moats. “The main difference between these two ingredients is that shortening does not contain water or salt, whereas bakery margarines contain it, as well as flavorings. Whether or not the pie is sweet or savory usually depends on the filling, and bakery margarines can enhance those flavors.

The type of oil or shortening used will influence flavor and performance.

“It really varies from app to app. Some bakers may choose to use butter flavored shortening or margarine to enhance certain qualities or flavors. And some might even substitute a percentage of the shortening for margarine,” he says.

When it comes to calculating fat and oil requirements for single-serving versus full-size dessert preparations, bakers should be on the lookout for a few basic facts.

“Most use baker’s percentage for scaling up or downscaling formulas,” says Moats. “Single portions are just smaller offerings, so no real secrets here. The trick is more to adjust the oven time and temperature.

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