SB19’s “Bazinga” Remains Number 1 on Billboard’s Hot Trending

SB19 retained the number 1 spot on Billboard Trending Songs tableau with their powerful anthem, “Bazinga”.

On the dated board January 29, 2022, the group P-pop comes first followed by “Butter” by BTS, “Fly Away” by Dimash and ‘Be with me’, Mew Suppasit and “Before 4:30 (She Said)” by Sam Kim, “Gifted” by BE:FIRST, “LALISA” by BLACKPINK Lisa, “Slow Mo” by BamBam, “Blessed-Cursed” by ENHYPEN, and “Yours” by BTS Jin.

The feat makes the Filipino pop group the first act on the chart to surpass six weeks at number one. SB19 was previously tied with Korean global superstars BTS who spent six weeks at No. 1 with their GRAMMY-nominated hit single, “Butter.” The two groups are the only two acts to have ever topped the chart since its inception in October 2021, with BTS having two tracks peaking at number 1 – “Butter” and ‘Permission to Dance’.

According to Billboard, ‘Bazinga’ has garnered 9.3 million mentions on Twitter during the last follow-up week (15 – 22 January). The band took to Twitter to thank A’TIN (SB19 fans) for their continued support.

the ‘What’ act had another banner year in 2021 – being the first Filipino act to be nominated for the Billboard Music Awards, hosting many groundbreaking online concerts, winning countless awards and making a name for themselves on the global pop scene. Their first EP pagsibolwhich includes the hit song “Bazinga”, was named as one of Bandwagon’s best EPs in 2021.

In a statement, the band shared that ‘Bazinga’ is “a song that proves that we won’t back down from negative feedback and that we will persevere. As evident from the lyrics, ‘Hate Niyo’y gasoline“…we continue to grow and become better individuals, despite the hostility.”

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Watch SB19 make a statement with ‘Bazinga’ here:

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