Shorts and t-shirts will be needed this year!

Warm weather lovers will receive a generous Christmas present from Mother Nature this year!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve will be almost 25 ° F above average in the afternoon after starting the day in the 50s. It will be a little tough to break records tomorrow with the mid 70s for the highs. . Fayetteville’s record for Christmas Eve is 77 ° F in 1955. Fort Smith would have to reach 80 ° F to match its record, also in 1955.

In addition to the unusual warm temperatures on Christmas Eve, winds will blow over the region. If you have an inflatable holiday decoration, you will need to make sure it is properly attached or unplug it for Friday.

Models show the potential for wind gusts up to 35 MPH in the morning, afternoon and evening. The winds will persist until Christmas Eve night and the start of Christmas Day. Wind gusts will be around 30-40 MPH in the area on Friday evening.

Strong southerly winds will help keep Christmas Eve nighttime temperatures very mild for this time of year. Night lows from Friday to Saturday will be near 60 ° F across the region under partly cloudy skies.

Unusually warm temperatures persist for Christmas Day itself.

the day of Christmas

If temperatures on Christmas Eve do not drop below 56 ° F by 1:00 am Sunday, we will have a new “hottest minimum” for Christmas Day. The old record of 56 ° F was set just 5 years ago in 2016.

The gusty winds will begin to subside in the afternoon of Christmas Day, but not before temperatures hit record highs! Highs around the region on Saturday afternoon are expected to be well into the 1970s with mostly sunny skies.

Records in Fayetteville and Fort Smith will be threatened this Christmas. Fayetteville’s current record on December 25 has been 72 ° F since 1955 and Fort Smith’s has been 75 ° F since 1889, over 130 years ago!

Whether you are a fan of Mother Nature’s gift this year or want to return it in exchange for colder weather, we hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year in 2022.

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