Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance Presents Preserved American Identity

Wenberg added, “The value offered by identity preserved processors in the United States comes through strict protocols and security measures that ensure the quality, consistency and safety of their products throughout the value chain. and shippers pay for quality and safety requirements and a commitment to meet the needs of their customers. “

From seed to end user, IP practices separate crops along the value chain, delivering a specific quality or trait to the end market. These practices allow open and transparent communication between supplier and customer; this feedback benefits everyone along the way.

Members of the SSGA are well-known growers “who can deliver exclusive varieties with unique attributes, such as size, color and composition, that are ready for manufacturing. They practice separate storage, control cleaning and shipping, and there is chain of custody (traceability) documentation, ”SSGA said.

As traceability in food production becomes increasingly preferred by consumers and manufacturers, US Identity Preserved quality assurance represents a step forward for customers looking for grains with specific characteristics or qualities, such as as variety, protein and sugar levels, color, grain size or flavor.

“When manufacturers purchase an identity-preserved American product, they can rest assured that the grains are traceable from their fields of origin throughout the production, processing, packaging and distribution process, which provides the knowledge and the assurance that customers need, ”said SSGA.

Here is the new website and more information on the preserved American identity: https://usidentitypreserved.org/…

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