Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race day one live coverage of the classic bluewater

One of the top three Sydney-Hobart line honors contenders, SHK Scallywag, is having trouble with a sail issue that leaves him behind leader LawConnect as the fleet heads south.

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By Andrew McGarry

The little orange veil that you can see in SHK Scallywag’s previous tweet is the tormentine.

With much less sail area to work on, this means the boat cannot take full advantage of the available wind.

By Andrew McGarry

By Andrew McGarry

This is why things are going to be difficult …

A map of wind speeds and directions on the NSW coast after the start of Sydney at Hobart (

This color-coded map shows the wind speed and direction in the waters off the coast of New South Wales at this time.

The arrows show that the wind is coming from the south directly from the north, so the fleet is heading towards the teeth of which wind there is.

The green color marks around 15 to 20 knots (27.8 to 37 km / h).

The orange color shows winds between 25 and 30 knots (46.3 to 55.5 km / h).

The area towards which the fleet is heading is therefore mostly orange, which means that it will be more difficult to move forward into the wind.

This map shows why there won’t be even the slightest chance of a race record, and indeed the likelihood is that the leaders won’t reach Hobart within two days.

By Andrew McGarry

The official ranking will only appear in a few hours, but at this point it looks like LawConnect is a decent path forward, traveling at one tick over 14 knots.

Most boats go out to sea to make the most of the wind, rather than going along the coast. The only entrance that comes close is Without limits at about ninth place right now.

Black jack is moving at 13.3 knots, with thug Still suffering from the absence of her favorite sail, dropping to 11.3 knots.

The wind isn’t that strong at this point – we expect things to change quite quickly, with strong southeasterly winds making life difficult for everyone.

By Andrew McGarry

By Andrew McGarry

By Andrew McGarry

LawConnect in control

The leaders pass Bondi Beach on their way south.

LawConnect is still well in front, Black Jack doesn’t come close to the lead at this point, but is hands down in second, with Scallywag in third behind the leading duo.

By Andrew McGarry


For the moment, the race is televised in clear on 7Mate.

This coverage should end in about 10 minutes, I believe.

Salvation. Can you tell us where we can watch live TV coverage of the race?


By Andrew McGarry

By Andrew McGarry

Hi Andrew, I noticed a few boats are having difficulty with the sails. Is it because of the conditions where some teams are not used to working together?

-A. Fan

It’s hard to say, A. Fan.

Scallywag is the most prominent boat in trouble, and they have had to recruit local crews not from their home base in Hong Kong due to COVID restrictions.

If it had an impact, I don’t know.

They have now installed a tormentine, a special sail designed for very difficult conditions – it is much smaller than the usual sail for a race like this.

The conditions are not as strong as required for the Storm Jug, that’s just what they need to use to get started right now. This will slow them down considerably, and unless something is fixed quickly, it will make it very difficult for Scallywag to keep up with the leaders.

By Andrew McGarry

LawConnect clears ahead, it looks like it’s over two miles ahead.

All is well for the boat Christian Beck, which took top honors from the line as Perpetual Loyal a few years ago.

Black Jack is chasing after, SHK Scallywag is still working on the sails. at least it’s moving in the right direction, but progress seems slow.

By Andrew McGarry

By Andrew McGarry

Scallywag appears to have hauled up her sail, but it remains to be seen if there is any damage or if it affects the speed of the boat as we continue.

By Andrew McGarry

Drama up front! Scallywag is in trouble!

Oh no! thug had got off to a good start, but suddenly there was some problem with the mainsail, and the crew were busy trying to take it apart.

The supermaxi took the wrong route to move away to leave room for maneuver.

LawConnect took advantage and hit the front but Scallywag is wasting time and it could be really bad for their chances if they can’t fix this quickly.

During this time, the whole fleet is out of port.

By Andrew McGarry

There’s a lot going on in the field – not every boat can be 100 feet tall, and some of the overall competitors are much smaller. take time to work around the marks.

Ichi Ban and Quest made the rounds but far behind some of their competitors.

By Andrew McGarry

There was a stir aboard global competitor URM, which had major problems gathering its sails.

He almost fell in the water for a second – they’ve sorted things out now, but it hasn’t been the best of starts, and they’re hoping to pull their straps down the hill.

You’re not going to lose the overall standings in the first few minutes, but that kind of start doesn’t help.

Black Jack also had a hard time furling his sail, but seems to be doing fine now.

By Andrew McGarry

Scallywag (center) leads Sydney to Hobart past Black Jack (left) and LawConnect (right) (Channel Seven)

By Andrew McGarry

They are already at the first corner after barely five minutes of racing.

Scallywag is a few steps ahead, Black Jack is next, then LawConnect has to bide his time.

Scallywag makes the turn, Black Jack is right on his tail, but now Scallywag is backing off in the conditions again.

By Andrew McGarry

The fleet is heading towards Manly, preparing to make the turn towards the heads.

It’s Scallywag clearly ahead, then Black Jack, LawConnect and Stefan Racing.

It’s a quick clip at the start.

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