The Houston Astros crowd is fashionable after Game 1

The Houston Astros were stunned in Game 1 of the World Series.

Playing at home and with an early 5-0 lead, many thought the Astros had this game in hand.

But that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

AL Cy Young favorite Justin Verlander continued his World Series woes by allowing five points to bring the Phillies back into the game.

With so much at stake in this game, the Astros crowd seemed calm and nervous.

Something that didn’t go unnoticed by fans watching at home.

Having the best record in the AL and second-best in baseball this year gave the Astros home-court advantage.

But their fans didn’t seem as enthusiastic as they should have been.

Momentum is a reality in sports, especially with the energy of the fans.

Once the Phillies came back from that 5-0 deficit to tie the game, Minute Maid Park was deflated.

It will be interesting to see how that fanbase reacts in Game 2, which is a must-watch game for Houston.

Once the series returns to Philadelphia for Game 3/4/5, fans will be electric.

Philly has been waiting for a World Series appearance since 2009.

The Phillies are yet to lose at home in the playoffs, which is another reason why this is a must win for the Astros.

Going to Philadelphia and winning two or three games would be tough.

Game 2 should feature a much better Astros crowd, as the team can feed off their energy and even the series at the same time.

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