Trump brazenly asks Putin to release information about Biden’s family

It is the latest example of Trump’s willingness to seek and accept domestic political help from foreign powers, even from Putin, who is currently overseeing a bloody war against Ukraine.
In an interview with JustTheNews, Trump pushed an unproven claim about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Russia and demanded Putin release any information he might have about the situation. It is not clear that any material exists, or if the Kremlin has access to it.

“I think Putin would know the answer to that question,” Trump said, referring to Hunter Biden’s potential connections in Russia. “I think he should release him. I think we should know that answer.”

It is true that Hunter Biden was paid handsomely for the consulting work he did in foreign countries, including Ukraine and China, while his father – President Joe Biden – was vice president. The Department of Justice is conducting an ongoing criminal investigation into these transactions and potential financial crimes.

But no evidence has emerged to support Trump’s claims that the Bidens engaged in corruption or influenced US politics for personal gain, and the president was not involved in the investigation. Hunter Biden has denied any wrongdoing and says he will be cleared when the criminal investigation is complete.

Trump’s public appeal to Putin harkens back to his infamous July 2016 comment in which he said, “Russia, if you’re listening,” then urged Putin to hack into Hillary Clinton’s personal emails. It was the start of a years-long effort by Trump to improve his political prospects with foreign aid.
The Trump campaign in 2016 also embraced and capitalized on Russia’s election interference operation against Clinton. For example, the campaign routinely released Democratic emails that were hacked and leaked by the Russian military, and members of Trump’s inner circle also met during the campaign with a Russian agent who promised to smear Clinton.
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In 2019, Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to launch baseless corruption investigations against then-candidate Joe Biden and withheld nearly $400 million in US military aid in the process. part of this scheme. This incident led to Trump’s first impeachment.
And during the 2020 campaign, some of Trump’s top allies collaborated with a known Russian spy to peddle disinformation about Biden and his family, including some of the same corruption allegations Trump mentioned in the new interview.
The clip of Trump asking Putin for help was posted by a news site founded by John Solomon, a pro-Trump journalist whose previous coverage of the Bidens’ ties to Ukraine has been discredited. He told CNN the interview was recorded Monday at Mar-a-Lago.

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