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Putin is an ‘ethnic nationalist’ and wants to become a ‘cancerous growth’ in Ukraine, defense secretary says

We are hearing strong rhetoric this morning from Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace, who answers questions about the latest news in Ukraine.

Asked by Sky News whether Vladimir Putin could expand the war beyond Ukraine, Mr Wallace said the Russian president “always had these ambitions” to invade his neighboring country and was a “nationalist ethnic”.

“Obviously there are pockets of other Russian speakers that he potentially feels the same way the Nazis felt in World War II – that they own these people,” he says.

The Defense Secretary said he felt Mr Putin was trying ‘almost in desperation’ to ‘widen’ the conflict through threats or possible false flag attacks in the breakaway Moldovan region of Transnistria .

We don’t yet know the details of the attacks in Transnistria or who is behind them, he says, but if it were Russia it would be a “strategic blunder”.

He adds that Mr Putin could now “seek to consolidate what he has … and be just a cancerous tumor in the Ukrainian country”.

Western allies must “help break the rock’s edge” and allow Ukraine to repel Russian forces, he said.

Mr Wallace also suggests the UK could back Ukraine as it tries to reclaim territory in Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014.

He says the UK will ‘support Ukraine’s sovereign integrity – this of course includes Crimea’ but ‘let’s get Russia out of where it is now first’.

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