Unusual for the city: the mercury exceeded 40 C twice in March | Bombay News

MUMBAI: As an intense heat wave swept through India this summer, Mumbai broke the 40 degree Celsius mark twice, both in March.
Data from the 60 Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) that the BMC maintains showed the mercury touched 40.8 degrees in Bhandup on March 16, while on March 17 it hit 40.4 degrees, still in the S district. , which is the Bhandup region. This was also the period when a severe heat wave warning was issued by the IMD for Mumbai.
However, Met officials said AWS records can only be considered temperatures for a radius of 1 km. “These are somewhat localized readings and therefore cannot be generalized to the whole city,” an official explained.
According to experts, Mumbai, being a coastal city, is less prone to 40 degree temperatures as the Arabian sea breeze acts as a thermostat, limiting maximum temperatures to around 36-38 degrees. Abhijit Modak, a weather enthusiast and (unofficial) amateur forecaster who runs a Konkan Weather blog, said, “March is a month when the north/northeast dry land breeze blows stronger, which may temperatures of 40 degrees when clockwise winds come from the high can delay the sea breeze causing temperatures to rise.
April and May saw no heat wave warnings issued for the city, nor were there any sharp rises in temperatures.
At a recent workshop to understand heat waves and their impact, Roxy Mathew Koll, a climatologist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) in Pune, said that such extreme weather is often blamed on climate change. He said: “Climate change is being used as a token to evade local actions. Cities today also face large-scale infrastructure and therefore it is essential that we consider mitigation measures that limit future warming through local solutions.
Furthermore, Dr. RK Jenamani, Senior Scientist, National Center for Weather Prediction, IMD, said the increase in heat waves is becoming increasingly evident. “The year 2020 only saw one episode, while 2021 saw none. However, 2022 saw multiple spells,” he said.
The weather bureau says heat wave warnings are issued when the temperature at a coastal station reaches 37 degrees and the deviation from normal is 4.5 to 6.4 degrees. If the start exceeds 6.5 degrees, severe heat wave conditions are issued.

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