West Seattle Blog… | CORONAVIRUS: West Seattle and County trends, one month after restrictions

It has now been about a month since many pandemic restrictions, including on masks, were lifted. Weekend means our weekly location check of key local numbers, via the Public Health – Seattle/King County dashboard. It shows that COVID cases have increased for a third week, with hospitalizations also increasing but deaths continuing to decline:

* 36% more cases countywide in the past week compared to the previous week
* Currently averaging 384 daily new cases countywide (compared to 281 when we checked a week ago)

* 52% more hospitalizations countywide in the past week compared to the previous week
* Currently on average 5 new hospitalizations per day (compared to 3 a week ago)

* 63% fewer countywide deaths in the past two weeks compared to the previous two weeks (dashboard does not offer a one-week increment)
* Currently on average 1 death per day (compared to 2 a week ago)

For West Seattle, we have two-week comparisons (these are the combined totals of two “health reporting areas”, labeled West Seattle and Delridge):
*228 cases between 03/21 and 04/04, compared to 126 between 03/06 and 03/20
*3 hospitalizations between 21/03 and 04/04, against 2 between 06/03 and 20/03
*No deaths between 03/21 and 04/04, unchanged between 03/06 and 03/20

And check vaccination rate:
* 80.6% of all King County residents have completed the series (up 0.2% from a week ago)
* 85.3% of all King County residents ages 5 and older have completed the series (up 0.1% from a week ago)

*In West Seattle, here are the vaccination rates by zip code for ages 5 and up (note that 98106 and 98146 are not entirely within WS):
98106 – 87.5% (unchanged from a week earlier)
98116 – 92.4% (up 0.2% from the previous week)
98126 – 83.2% (up 0.2% from the previous week)
98136 – 93.2% (unchanged from a week earlier)
98146 – 82.5% (up 0.3% from the previous week)

VACCINATION AND TESTS, UPDATED SCHEDULES: No pop-up clinics announced recently, you can still find vaccination locations via this statewide research. If you want to get tested and don’t have a kit at home, public testing sites include the site supported by the city at Nino Cantu Southwest Sports Complex (2801 SW Thistle, 9am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday), Curative kiosk at Don Armeni boat ramp (1220 Harbor SW, 9am-3pm Monday-Friday), and the Healing van to Summit Atlas (35th/Roxbury, but it’s closed this week).

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