West Seattle Blog… | VIDEO: The Ballot Measure Aiming for More Green for Green Spaces

King County Elections will send out your ballot for the general election later this week. While you’ve probably heard a lot about local and state congressional races, as we’ve noted here, your vote will have a lot more to decide – including King County Proposition 1, which raises money for conservation/land acquisition by restoring an existing levy to the original rate that was reduced by various state actions. five months later announcing it to White Center Heights Parkcounty manager Dow Constantine I went back there this morning with the departmental councilor for this region Joe McDermott (like Constantine, a West Seattle resident) and other supporters across the county to demand a “yes” vote. Here is our video:

In order, the speakers were:

-Member of King County Council Joe McDermott
Paul Winterstein from the Issaquah Alps Trails Club
-Executive Constantine, who stressed that the quest to preserve green space is “a race to keep up with population growth, a race to keep up with environmental change”
-Mayor of Sammamish and former DNR forest firefighter Kali Clarkwhose observations on the relevance of land preservation for wildfire prevention were timely for obvious reasons
-King County Open Space Equity Cabinet Member Sarneshea Evanswho observed that too many KC residents don’t live near green space
-Owner/farmer of the Zazueta family farm Guillermo Zazuetawho told the story of starting his organic permaculture farm earlier this year (Constantine had explained that the measure would preserve farmland as well as other types of green spaces)
-Member of King County Council Rod Dembowskiwho said Prop 1 is “incredibly affordable (and) incredibly meaningful”

As noted when the ballot measure was announced in May, it would add about $2 a month to the taxes of a home at the King County median price. Proponents say tens of thousands of acres of land have been identified for potential acquisition/preservation; we asked what percentage were in urban areas – here is the written response from the campaign:

Of the 45,000 acres to be acquired under the Land Conservation Initiative10% is for urban green spaces and regional trails.

Since 2016, 30% of LCI’s acquisition dollars (from all sources) have gone to urban green spaces and regional trails.

Since 2020, 25% of Conservation Futures funding has been awarded to match derogation projects in areas of opportunity (projects meeting specific criteria of need)

Read a summary and/or full text of Prop 1, as well as pro/con statements, per go here. Once your ballot has been received, you will have until November 8 to vote and submit it.

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