Wind chill factor, a glimpse of our next storm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hello bloggers,

What is going on? We have a wind chill factor on May 3, 2022. Temperatures are in the 40s and it feels like the 30s as we are at the back of this storm system:

Wind Chill Factor in May

A surface cyclone is moving through western Illinois this morning. For the first time since early last fall, there is no snow around this storm system. Oh, there was snow around it yesterday, but finally it’s too warm this morning to get snow and it’s just cold rain north of this surface low. In Kansas City we have drizzle and colder air moving in. It can stay in the 40s most of the day because we can be stuck in the clouds for three more days. The next good luck sunshine is Friday.

This next map shows the water vapor satellite image. The storm that just passed Kansas City is now shown in this comma cloud from Minneapolis curving around the comma to Dallas. There is a risk of severe weather to the east ahead of this system today. And, you can see the next storm system spinning around Idaho this morning.

Water vapor satellite

Our next storm

This next storm is stronger than the first, and there is a third and even stronger one early next week. This third may stall and allow for a substantial warm-up early next week. We’ll be expecting that, which I think is good news, in a few days and on KSHB 41 today and tonight. For now, let’s look at this next system that will mature over southern Kansas by Thursday morning, as shown below:

Surface forecast Thursday

Surface forecast Thursday

This Thursday storm has the potential to bring over 1 inch of rain to many areas Wednesday evening and Thursday. This is about the average for models, with some producing less than an inch and some producing much more. There is also a severe weather risk that will need to be monitored closely. If the storm slows down a bit, it could draw warmer air into our area, increasing our risk of severe weather. From this point on, it looks like the risk will be over southeast Missouri into Arkansas.

Serious risk Thursday

Serious risk Thursday

As new data arrives today, we will update the risk and review the precipitation forecast as this wet and stormy pattern continues.

One thing we sometimes say in May is, “Wow, we just jumped from winter to summer. There was no spring. Well, I haven’t heard anyone say that this year. Some of you have asked me, “Where is spring?” It’s spring. Spring is always the transition from winter to summer. Eventually summer will prevail, but for now we are in a cool spring pattern with a warming trend in about four days.

Hey, it was 86 degrees in April. Here are the statistics for April:

April statistics

April statistics

For today, expect cloudy, cool weather with some drizzle this morning. I doubt we’ll see any sun, and if this forecast holds, then it might struggle to get back to our high forecast in the lower or mid 50s. So bundle up and enjoy this cool spring day. Winds will be from the north at 10 to 25 miles per hour.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the weather blog and sharing this weather experience.

Have a great Tuesday!


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