Yahoo lays off editorial team members in Singapore as part of restructuring

SINGAPORE — Yahoo has laid off several Singapore-based newsrooms, following a restructuring of its editorial team in Southeast Asia and halting localized content publishing in the Philippines and Indonesia.

TODAY learns from sources that seven Singapore-based employees have been made redundant, all of them journalists.

They came from Singapore/Malaysia, Philippines and finance teams.

In response to questions from TODAY, a spokesperson for the international media and technology company confirmed that “some members” of its editorial team have been affected by the move.

However, the spokesperson did not say how many were made redundant or when the downsizing exercise was carried out.

In its written response, Yahoo said the restructuring of the editorial team was “purely a strategic decision” as the company reassesses how and where it can best serve its global audience.

“Our editorial teams producing localized content for Singapore and Malaysia will continue to deliver the trusted news reporting and lifestyle content our users have come to expect from us,” the spokesperson said in an email Tuesday. October 11.

One reporter who went public with his departure from the company was Mr. Nicholas Yong, who spoke about it on LinkedIn on Wednesday.

According to his profile on the business networking platform, Yong first joined Yahoo in September 2014 and his last position at the company was as editor.

He did not respond to questions today regarding the entrenchment exercise.

According to the Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report 2022 published in June, Yahoo News ranked fourth in Singapore in weekly online reach and 11th in brand trust.

Yahoo News is one of 11 sites licensed by the Infocomm Media Development Authority under its online news licensing program.

Under this program, online news sites will receive an individual license if they publish, over a two-month period, an average of at least one article per week on Singapore news and current affairs and are visited by at least 50,000 unique Singapore IP addresses each. month.

The last Yahoo Singapore office downsizing exercise TODAY reported on was in February 2016. Yahoo Singapore’s editor was among those who left at the time. ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY TAUFIQ ZALIZAN.

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